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Your Financial Success with 20/20 Vision! 

Are you thinking about buying a home? How about a new car? Maybe you need to figure out how to get yourself on a budget and stick to it. No matter what financial success means to you, ICCU has the products and services to help get you there!

Personal Loans


New and New-to-You Cars

  • Auto Loans: Straight forward terms and preapproval available. Ask us about Credit Insurance, GAP Coverage, and paperwork review!
  • ICCU's LifeSteps Wallet: Car buying and selling resources all at your fingertips.

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Home Ownership

  • Home Loan Options: Whether you are looking for a 30 year loan, constructing your own home, or are looking for an option with a low down payment, ICCU has what you're looking for! 
  • Meet the Mortgage Team

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Financial Wellness

Budgeting Help

  • MoneyDesktop: Check out the free personal financial management tool in It'sMe247 Online Banking. Set goals, plan your budget, and see all of your accounts in one place.
  • Talk with us! Visit any office to speak to a Financial Service Representative. We can work with you to figure out a realistic budget that you can stick with!
  • Budget Worksheet: An excellent resource to use in order to organize your income and expenses.

Debt Management

GreenPath Financial Wellness: ICCU members can talk with someone about your finances for free! View GreenPath's huge library of articles, podcasts, and other materials to help get you back on track. They can even negotiate your debts on your behalf and potentially lower your interest rate or consolidate your debt to help you make payments within your budget.


Investment Services:

Total Investment Planners: ICCU members receive a free consultation when they contact Total Investment Planners. This local investment company provides advice and guidance regarding investments, inheritance funds, or planning for large purchases or retirement.  

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