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ICCU's member newsletter," FOCUS" is created quarterly to educate and inform member-owners about credit union events, programs, products and service.  Click on the links below to see a PDF of each edition.  For questions or comments, please contact  ICCU's Marketing Department.

ICCU Financial Resources

How To's: Tutorials

Check Right (Checking) - FREE!

Check Right is a free online tutorial covering the basics of having and using a checking account, including balancing, budgeting and practice exercises. Check Right is offered through a partnership with your credit union and GreenPath Debt Solutions

Greenpath university - Free!

ICCU is proud to partner with Green Path Debt Solutions to offer members a wide range of quality financial resources, education and counseling.  The Greenpath University offers free online tutorials, games and activities on every day financial topics including, "Credit and Loans," "Buying a House," and "Spending and Saving."  The University tutorials are unique and super easy to use.  

ICCU's Financial Resource Center

Consider this your personal resource center for quality financial information on a wide range of financial topics. The information and articles are updated regularly, please check back often.

Financial Education

Establishing and Building Credit 

Money Saving Tips

Pathways Newsletter: Money Tips

Home Ownership

Life Stages


Welcome! Learning to save money is an important life skill.  Learning how to spend money is just as important.  ICCU will help you learn how to do both AND make it fun!

Saving Money:  ICCU's Treasure Hunt Savings Club is a fun way to save.  Youth members receive gold coins when a deposit is made (1 coin per $5, limit of 10 coins). The coins can be "cashed in" for prizes, toys and games in the Treasure Chest. Check out ICCU's Youth Page to learn more about Penn E. Pincher and his friends.

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High School 

High school is an amazing time! Most high school students are NOT as amazing with their money, however.  Don't be one of those students who spends like crazy and has little to show for it after graduation.

ICCU's Student-Run Credit Union Branch:  To help area high school students learn about money in a safe environment, ICCU has partnered with the Mt. Pleasant Area Tech Center (at MPHS) to offer a Student-Run Credit Union Branch (SRCU).  At the Student-Run Credit Union students can save money, cash a check from Grandma, withdraw spending money, or ask a question about a debit card. 

College Planning:  In just a few short years, you will be off to a college or a trade school. ICCU can help you prepare for this next big step in your life. Visit the College area of ICCU's website for resources, tools and information including links for FASFA (Financial Aid) information, and tips for writing an amazing college entrance essay.

ICCU Members' Scholarship:  Need money for school? Consider applying for the "Isabella Community Credit Union's Members' Scholarship given to one deserving Senior each spring.  The ICCU scholarship and 70+ others are offered each spring (typically in May, with an application deadline in March) through the Mt. Pleasant Area Community Foundation -- "for good, forever!"

Financial Services for Students: Once you have an ICCU debit card, and are ready to take on the world, you will have access to 28,000 ATMs nationwide through the CO-Op Network.  Your credit union also offers free "Shared Branching" (through Xtend) where you can access your ICCU account at hundreds of credit union locations in Michigan. 

ICCU also offers free e-statements, mobile and online banking through It'sMe247 -- all of which are state-of-the-art and super easy to use and access.  So when you go to college or get a new job, you can get to your money when and where YOU need it.  As always, ICCU is here to help; no financial question is too silly.

ATM/Debit Card 24/7 Account AccessStudent-Run Credit Union 
 College PlanningShared Branching

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As you get close to the end of school (finally)...and start your first 'big job' and move on to a new part of your life, your credit union can help. 

Free Financial Consultation:  ICCU can help you prepare for all of the financial obstacles that may come your way, like budgeting for college, paying the bills and (hopefully) how much to put in an IRA or 401k.  Terri and Chad Z. of Total Investment Planners, Inc., can help guide you through these and other questions that you may.  As an ICCU member, you can down in a stress-free, no-pressure environment for a consultation at absolutely no cost or obligation.

Savings Options:  ICCU offers many different savings accounts including a share (savings), sub share, premium share and insured money market accounts.  Each account type has different features and benefits, most with no fees or service charges.  Consider a no-free, no minimum balance "vacation savings" a "spring break savings" or a "weekend-get away fund."  Talk to a teller or member service representative to find which will fit your needs.

Auto Loans:  Some people say that the car you drive says a lot about "who you are."  When searching for a new job, first impressions are everything.  Drive-up in style with the car of your dreams, financed by ICCU. For more information, stop in and talk with a loan officer to get pre-approved for an ICCU auto loan today.

Total Investment Planners, Inc. • ATM/DebitDirect deposit •  Mobile Banking • College Planning
Shared Branching

Helpful Resources:

Establishing and Building Credit 

Money Saving Tips

Pathways Newsletter: Money Tips

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Whether you are on your own, or a single parent, you may have concerns about your finances -- and barely any extra time to devote to it.  ICCU can help you manage your money -- we are here to help!

Free:  24/7 Account Access:
  It's easy to keep track of all of your transactions day or night with free online and mobile banking through "ItsMe247."  Pay all of your bills with the click of a button under the "Pay My Bills" tab.  ICCU's mobile and online banking services are safe, secure, and easy to use.  

ICCU Has Money to Lend!  Want a new vehicle, RV, or just some extra spending money?  ICCU's loan officers are happy to assist you, answer any questions you have about financing, or help you complete a loan application.  ICCU's loan department offers pressure-free discussions with no application or processing fee for any loan you choose. Call or visit a loan officer at the Isabella Road office today!

Stop Renting, Start Owning!  Renting year after year can become extremely discouraging. Why continuously pay into an apartment and have only the cancelled checks when the lease is up? If you are ready to take that step into home ownership, ICCU's Mortgage Department will help make the process simple and easy. Stop in and pick up an application, and get pre-approved for your mortgage so you shop with confidence.

Helping You Control Debt:  As you age, your income will (hopefully) grow. Unfortunately, so do your responsibilities and expenses.  It can get overwhelming trying to keep track of everything. ICCU has partnered with GreenPath Debt Solutions to offer free budgeting software and counseling to help if your finances get out of control. Other than extensive counseling efforts, all services are FREE to ICCU member-owners. 

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to give ICCU a call, send an email or stop by!

24/7 Account AccessLoansMortgageBudgeting help • Credit Education 

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Financial Services for Couples:  With two paychecks, you are able to start looking forward to the future and ICCU is here to help you see those dreams through to the end. That new house you have had your eye on, or a new boat to enjoy during the summer could be yours with ICCU's affordable loan rates.

At ICCU, we have money to lend, and want to help you make your dreams come true. Your credit union offers vehicle, easy access and personal loans, along with our Visa credit card and Home Equity line of credit, ICCU is sure to have a product to fit your loan needs. Refinancing your current loan to ICCU is easy and there is never a charge for a credit card balance transfer! Visit a loan officer for more information, at the Main Office on Isabella Road or visit Cristina at our new Downtown office located at the corner of Broadway Road and Main Street.

Free Financial Consultation:  If you are considering starting a family or making long term investments, one of ICCU's financial partners, Total Investment Planners, Inc., would love to meet with you to discuss different options that may be available. They can help you figure out how much to save for your retirement, or a college education for a new bundle of joy. Terri and Chad Z., can meet with you at ICCU, or at their office in downtown Mt. Pleasant.  A free consultation is available to ICCU member-owners.  Just give them a call to set up an appointment.

Free Money Help: Although you may be a bit more financially stable now, one or two spending sprees can leave you broke at the end of the month.  Don't let this happen!  Learn to save, spend, and budget wisely with ICCU's free budgeting software from GreenPath Debt Solutions.  It will give you peace of mind...check it out today!

Home Ownership Resources

24/7 Account Access LoansTotal Investment Planners, Inc.
Credit Education  • BudgetSmart -- free online budgeting help

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Raising a family is never easy, and there never seems to be enough hours in the day. ICCU can help save you time with free online/ mobile banking.  ICCU's online Bill-Pay is a secure way to pay all of your bills in one place. You can send a check to a relative, pay the babysitter or the electric company all from the comfort of your home and on one website.

College Planning -- Free Help! With tuition costs for college continuously rising, it is never too early to start planning to help your children pay for school. Total Investment Planners, Inc., can help you figure out how much to save and how to save it. There are many different investment options to help finance college, retirement or any other future goal.  Terri and Chad Z., are happy to meet with you here at ICCU or at their office in downtown Mt. Pleasant.  ICCU members are eligible for a FREE consultation. Contact Total Investment Planners, Inc., today to get started! 

Free Money Management Help:  Between groceries, piano lessons, vet bills, car and mortgage payments, it can be tough to keep track of everything that goes out every month just by pen and paper. GreenPath Debt Solutions offers a great software program called BudgetSmart that can help you keep track of your monthly spending and saving so you can meet your goals faster.  Even better, it's free from your credit union!

Teach Your Kids to Save:  ICCU has a fun savings program specifically designed for children ages 5-12 called the Treasure Hunt Club. It is a great way to teach your kids the importance of saving money and educate them on smart money management. For every $5 a young member deposits, they will receive a gold coin (limit of 10 coins per transaction) that they can choose to spend right away to purchase toys and games from the ICCU Treasure Chest, or they can save-up to make a better "purchase" from the Treasure Chest.

 24/7 Account Access Total Investment Planners, Inc BudgetSmartYouth Savings

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Now that you have retired, the sky is the limit for what you can do and ICCU is here to support you in whatever you do.

If sitting on a new deck in the sun is your paradise then a Home Equity line of credit might be just what you need. Or maybe you have always wanted to have a vacation home somewhere that is warm for more than five months out of the year, ICCU's mortgage department would be happy to help you fulfill that dream.

Free Financial Consultation: Before you make too many big decisions in retirement, it is a good idea to make a free appointment with Chad or Terri Z., from Total Investment Planners, Inc.  They will look at your current finances and show you different options for your future depending on your lifestyle.  This conversation is pressure-free and stress-free, so if you have questions please give them a call.  Tell them "your credit union sent you!"

Social Security Direct Deposit:  Soon, Social Security payments will be changing from paper checks to direct deposit payments. To set-up a direct deposit now, click on the link to get started.  You will need your ICCU account number and routing number to sign-up.  ICCU's routing number is 272483015.  For a checking deposit, enter your account number and add 070 to the end.  For a deposit to your savings, enter your account number and add 000 to the end.

If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to ask any teller or member service representative.

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