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Business Loans

Commercial Real Estate Loans

The Commercial Real Estate Loan is perfect for rental homes, commercial buildings, and investment properties.

Up to 80% financing of the appraised value / purchase price
Terms up to 20 years, based on a 5-year balloon
Competitive interest rates

Applicable closing costs will apply. ICCU NMLS# 400086

Secured Closed-End Loan

For the purchase of business related vehicles and equipment

May require a 20% down payment
Terms up to 84 months or longer with a balloon option available
Competitive interest rates

Applicable processing costs may apply.

Secured Line of Credit

For larger business related acquisitions or purchases, secured by real estate

Line of credit $20,000 or higher
Variable interest rate
Convenience of a VISA credit card

Applicable processing costs will apply.

Commercial Credit Card

For everyday or unexpected business expenses.

Credit limits of $1,000 to $20,000
Variable interest rate
Free transaction history with It'sMe247 Online Banking

Applicable processing costs will apply.


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