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Club & Sub Savings
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Club & Sub Savings

Saving Money, Your Way.

There are times you just want to tuck money away that is earmarked for a specific purpose. Instead of having to open a new, separate account, ICCU gives members the opportunity to open sub-accounts. This way, you can have a separate place to save money for taxes, insurances, or any other reason you may have, while still having just one, simple-to-read statement and account number to remember. There are no minimum balance required to open or maintain a sub account at ICCU. There are no withdrawal penalties, minimum balances, or fees on Sub-Savings Accounts. Dividends are paid on balances over $100.

Christmas Savings Account

ICCU's Christmas Savings account allows you to save money all year long, either through direct deposit, payroll deduction, or in person. On November 1st, the balance is automatically transferred to your base share/savings account for holiday spending needs. Additional deposits after November 1st will be saved for the following year. 

"You Name It" Account

You can re-name your accounts to anything you wish.  This can be done either through It'sMe247 Online Banking or at an ICCU office. For example, you could choose "college fund," "spring break," or "Paris holiday." It's your account, and you can name it whatever you wish!

Vacation Savings Account

The Vacation Savings account is designed - as the name suggests - to help you save for vacation expenses. You can use it, however, for ANY type of saving like insurance, taxes or saving for a new car.

Pet Sub-Saving Account: Pets are a significant part of many families. They can also use up a significant portion of your savings caring for them. To save for vet bills, shots, general pet care or pet insurance, consider opening an ICCU Pet Sub-Savings account. Also, if you pay a pet insurance premium, it can be automatically deducted from your Pet Sub-Savings Account. Dog Bones: ICCU gives free dog bones to its four legged friends who visit the drive-thrus at both locations.


Savings FAQs

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