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Contact ICCU

Contact ICCU

ICCU Phone Number: 989-773-5927 

Toll Free: 866-773-5927 • Fax:  989-773-6469
Touch Tone Teller:  877-557-0547
Mailing Address:  P.O. Box 427, Mt. Pleasant MI 48804-0427

Lost or Stolen Debit/ATM Card: 888-241-2510
Lost or Stolen VISA Card: 866-333-4740  

Send ICCU an Email

Standard Email:  To send a standard (unsecured) email to ICCU, please complete the information below. You can expect a reply the same business day.

Note:  Standard email is not a safe or secure communication format to send personal and confidential information. 

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Please Note:  Standard email is not a safe or secure communication format. Therefore, it is advised that you not send personal or confidential information to ICCU via standard email. Confidential/personal information includes account numbers, social security numbers, tax forms, and financial documents as attachments. 

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