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Latest Alerts from ICCU
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Latest Alerts from ICCU

Protect your account.


On September 8, 2017, Equifax announced that their data systems were breached and sensitive information of potentially 143 million individuals could be compromised. This information includes credit card numbers, social security numbers, account numbers, addresses, names, and drivers license numbers. Equifax will be contacting any person who may be at risk via letter. To find out more information, visit the Equifax website or call 866-447-7559. 

Please be aware that scammers are taking advantage of this breach and attempting to get your information, click here for more information.

Tips to Protect Your Credit


It has been brought to our attention that solicitation calls are being made using ICCU's name and number on the caller ID attempting to sell medical supplies. ICCU will never call you to sell products, do not give your information to these people/companies. Some other local businesses are also being faked on caller ID's in order to "sell items". Please be sure who you are speaking to before you give out any information. If you are unsure, hang up and call the business directly.


We have been notified of a text message being sent by someone claiming to be Isabella Community Credit Union attempting to gather information for a "loan". ICCU will never request information from you in this manner. If you recieve any communition that you are unsure of, contact us directly.


Attention Members: We have received several inquires from members regarding phone calls they are receiving from "Direct Express" indicating that their debit or credit card has been blocked and asking them to enter their card number. Please do not give them any information. This is a scam to get your card number. If you receive one of these calls, simply hang up. If you have concerns about your account, feel free to give us a call. 

Remember- ICCU will never call and ask for your card number. We already have it!


Identity Theft Resources


FBI: Internet Fraud

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