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WM20/Remus Rd Branch lobby is temporarily open only Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, due to COVID Quarantine. 
Drive-thru open Mon-Sat.  

It'sMe247 Online Banking will be upgraded on September 22nd!
Learn more about all the new things coming to ICCU this fall. 

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MoneyMap Accounts Tool
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MoneyMap Accounts Tool

See All of Your Accounts in One Place 

Tired of having to sign into a bunch of different apps, websites and services to check the balances of all your accounts; only to get a vague idea of your financial standing? We have some good news for you! Now you can log in to ONE place and see everything! With ICCU's MoneyMap accounts tool you can add any account you own to see a complete picture of your finances.

Can I really add all of my accounts? Yes!

- Checking, savings, cash, investments, property, loans, and more
- Add any other accounts you have with other banks and credit unions.

Login to online banking and click on the "Personal Finance" tab to get started or download ICCU Mobile and tap on the "Manage my Money" button.

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