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Nonprofit Solutions
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Nonprofit Solutions

Payments with a Purpose

Card processing services for your unique business needs.

At Elavon, we believe our customers come first. We work hard every day to ensure that we're incorporating the needs of our customers into everything we do. We partner with our nonprofit customers to access their needs and help them meet the demands in in a rapidly changing market. By providing products and services that meet the diverse needs of our communities, we're helping to provide an optimized payment acceptance foundation to achieve your goals and objectives.

Achieve your donation goals and streamline your fundraising efforts by accepting a full range of payment options, including credit cards, PIN debit cards, electronic gift cards, Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT), electronic checks and now mobile wallets like Apple PayTM and Google WalletTM. You can even handle recurring and installment payments with our single solution. 

Accept donations & payments anywhere you need to be

Elavon offers a fully integrated omni-commerce payment solution that enables your organization to accept payments in any payment environment needed, using any device. Whether you take payments or donations via telephone, mobile, online, or over the counter, w have solutions to help you manage it all in one place, easily and securely online - without a major investment of money or effort. Once you login, you can mange all aspects of your payment acceptance with one beautiful, easy-to-use dashboard.

Buy Button
Buy. Donate. Give. Pay. Payment buttons are a great way to collect donations for your non-profit. Our user-friendly code makes it super easy to embed a payment button on your website, and start collecting payments right away.

Mobile Payments
Want a convenient, easy to use app to accept payments right from your smart phone? From fundraising events and to festivals - wherever you go, take your point of sale with you. Or use it in-store as an additional checkout. Available for Android and iOS.

Hosted Payment Page
OUr hosted payment page solution is ideal for organizations with a custom-built website, but no way to capture online payments. Hosted on Elavon's private servers, you'll never have to worry about the security of your donor's sensitive data. 

Integrated Payments
Whether you're looking to add payments to your mobile application or integrate with existing software. Elavon has the APIs, SDKs and developer resources needed to turn your app into a revenue engine.

Omni-commerce payment acceptance allows you to attract more contributors and donors by offering multiple payment options. 

Accept Donations Anywhere, Anytime

Add payments to your existing website or use one of our trusted partners to build your own

Mail & Phone
Allow donors to place orders via phone or mail

With several options for in-store POS, all you need is power and an internet connection to get started

Use our app Converge Mobile to accept payments anywhere

We make it possible. You make it happen.

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