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Restaurant Solutions
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Restaurant Solutions

Served with convenience and security

Elavon serves up solutions for a wide variety of restaurant types, from food trucks to multi-franchise locations. Restaurants can choose from wireless smart terminals that offer pay-at-the-table and tipping, tablet-based payment options, solutions for online ordering and mobile payment solutions, all while getting your payment needs met with one partner.

Elavon facilitates the entire payment transaction from processing to payment funding. Elavon is trusted by restaurants because we understand your industry. Our team of client executives, business development staff and account managers are dedicated to serving restaurants and the unique complexities of your payment operations.

Accept All Payment Types
Credit, debit and mobile wallet payments - including CHIP/EMV cards and Apple Pay.TM

Innovative Payment Solutions
The latest in payment options including all-in-one wireless smart terminals, mobile and tablet-based payment solutions.

Payments for Every Palette

Order Ahead

Digital ordering increased 23% in 2018, which translates to an opportunity to enhance your digital strategy and increase revenue.1 Extend your payment processing to a convenient, easy-to-use solution that allows you to take orders ahead and meet the demands of today's modern guest.


Bring the transaction to the customer with tableside payments. Pay-at-the-Table puts the guest in control of the payment - the card never leaves their hand. Reduce the time servers spend accepting payments and see quicker table turns, improved business efficiencies and increased employee productivity.

Prepared with Peace of Mind

Experts agree a layered security approach can be the most effective way to combat fraud, which is why we offer a range of easy to implement tools to keep your business running securely and smoothly. We help protect your payment data with advanced encryption, EMV chip technology and simplified PCI DSS compliance program.

Get paid fast
with Same Day and Next Day funding.

Protect your business
with data security solutions that help keep your payments and business protected from fraud.

Run your business better
with online reporting and support tools.

Receive better care

We make it possible. You make it happen.

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1 NPD Group's "Delivering Digital Convenience" report
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