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Retail Solutions
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Retail Solutions

Creating a new customer experience

Payments are often the most frequent interaction between businesses and their customers, which is why it's so important to offer flexible and innovative options. Customers demand the ability to pay in any environment - online, in-person, by phone, in-app or by mobile wallet. Elavon's omni-commerce solution gives you the ability to provide customers with exactly the experience they crave.

One simple payment platform provides the ability to easily access and manage payment information in real-time with a secure login, anywhere with a web-browser. Whether you have a traditional storefront, an online business or conduct business from all over, we have solutions to accept payments wherever you and your customers are.

Accept All Payment Types
Credit, debit and mobile wallet payments - including CHIP/EMV cards and Apple Pay.=TM

Innovative Payment Solutions
The latest in payment options including all-in-one wireless smart terminals, mobile and tablet-based payment solutions.

Run your business, don't let it run you


Elavon's omni-commerce payment platform has the ability to grow with your business while giving you the ability to accept payments in any environment. With a streamlined checkout process you can process sales quickly, keeping your customers, and you, happy.

Mobile and App-Based Payments

Want a convenient, easy to use app to accept payments right from your smart phone? Wherever you go, take your point of sale with you. Or use it in-store as an additional checkout. Available for Android and iOS.


Elavon's retail solutions are flexible to meet the needs of a variety of POS configurations, in-store environments and connectivity options. From traditional countertop terminals to tablet-based point of sale devices to mobile/smart terminals and more, we offer a range of solutions to fit your need.s

Get paid fast
with Same Day and Next Day funding.

Protect your business
with data security solutions that help keep your payments and business protected from fraud.

Run your business better
with online reporting and support tools.

Receive better care
24/7/365 customer support.

We make it possible. You make it happen.

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