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ScoreCard Rewards
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ScoreCard Rewards

Earn Rewards. You Deserve it.

If you have an ICCU Credit Card, you are already earning reward points with your transactions. To see how many points you have earned or to redeem your points with ScoreCard Rewards, create an account at!

"I encourage members to use their ScoreCard Points to buy something special for themselves. For a list of all the items that can be bought they must register by visiting the ScoreCard website". - Jay Anders, Former ICCU President/CEO

If you don't have an ICCU Credit Card, talk to a Financial Service Representative at any ICCU office or apply online. ICCU's Credit Cards have low rates, no annual fees, and are kept at ICCU, so you can make a payment at any office or in It'sMe247 Online Banking!

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Now You Can Redeem ScoreCard Reward Points for ICCU Products and Services!

500 points

• Cashier's Check
• Money Order
• VISA Gift or Travel Card Fee
• Incoming Wire Fee

1,000 Points

• Book of Stamps

2,000 Points

• Wire Transfer Fee (domestic)
• 3 x 5 Safe Deposit Box (1 year)

2,500 Points 

• 1 Box of Basic Checks
• Mortgage Credit Report Fee (single applicant)

3,000 Points- 9,500 Points

• Mortgage Document Recording Fee (point value dependent on loan)

3,000 Points

• Stop Payment Fee
• NSF/Courtesy Pay Fee
• 1 Hour Research Fee
• Holiday/Vacation Skip-A-Pay Fee

3,100 Points

• Mortgage Credit Report Fee (single applicant)

3,900 Points

• Mortgage Credit Report Fee (joint applicant)

5,000 Points

• $50 CASH BACK (maximum $500 per year)
• Wire Transfer (foreign)
• 5 x 10 Safe Deposit Box (1 year)

10,000 Points

• 10 x 10 Safe Deposit Box (1 year)
• 1/4%APR off a new-to-ICCU Auto Loan
(loan value minimum $5,000.00; may not be combined with other offers; excludes indirect lending)

17,500-20,000 Points

• Title Company Closing Fee (point value dependent on loan)

40,000-42,500 Points

• Mortgage Appraisal Fee (point value dependent on loan)

47,500 Points

• The GAP Advantage

To find out more information about redeeming your ScoreCard reward points for ICCU products and services, talk to a Financial Service Representative!


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