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Learn to Manage Your Money at the SRCU.

ICCU's Student Run Credit Union branch at Mt. Pleasant High SchoolStudent members, teachers, faculty, and staff of Gratiot-Isabella Technical Education Center (G-I TEC) and Mt. Pleasant High School (MPHS) are welcome to visit and use the Student-Run Credit Union Branch (SRCU) in the G-I TEC located at MPHS.

Thirty Years of Cooperative Education--ICCU is proud to hire, train, and mentor co-op students for over 30 years as part of a cooperative relationship with MPHS and the G-I TEC.

The Student-Run Credit Union Branch is operated "By students, for students and school employees," under the direct supervision of ICCU employees.  All persons involved are bonded and held to strict confidentiality policies.

The partnership is designed to teach students about money in a SAFE environment.  In addition to classroom presentations, ICCU is proud to offer financial services, leadership development, job skills and educational opportunities.