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Treasure Hunt Savings Club

Ahoy Kids!

Capn at the helmA special savings program for young savers age 12 and under.

Ahoy Kids! Your hunt for buried treasure should begin at your Credit Union! If you are between the ages of 5-12, join Captain Penn E. Pincher, the Pirate, and learn the importance of saving money. Penn E. Pincher will show you how depositing your money in your TREASURE HUNT SAVINGS CLUB account will help you find "buried" treasure, better known as interest or dividends.

Upon enrollment, you will receive a special membership card and passbook, along with a complete list of rules for the program. For every $5 you deposit, you will earn a gold coin, which you can save to purchase items in our Treasure Chest "Store."


Parents:  Here are some things you could do with your young saver:

AHOY THERE! Young ladies and gentlemen,

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Penn E. Pincher. I am a unusual pirate, however. Permit me to tell you my tale.

Once upon a time, I was a rough and brutish rogue. I grew up as an orphan and did anything I could to survive. I began to rob merchant ships in an effort to gain wealth. I learned to live off of other’s efforts, and was always looking for the easy way to get money. I especially listened for clues to find buried or secret treasure, thinking I could get rich quick.

After many years of following clues and maps to buried treasure, I had found none. I had to hire scoundrels to work for me, only to find they stole from me whenever they could. They took so much from me, I almost lost my schooner, the good ship "Jolly Rancher." I became very disillusioned, but it was the only life I knew.Capn and map

As a last resort, I decided to pillage the ship of a wealthy trader. Once on board, I led a mutiny against the captain. I had him to rights in his quarter and planned to steal the entire ship and its cargo. I boldly declared my name and intentions, and the captain just stared at me in awe. He said, "My name is Captain Bill Pincher. You are my long-lost son! You don’t need to steal this ship. She belongs to me and, as your father, I will share all of her great bounty with you. I am just happy we found each other! Let us celebrate this joyous occasion!" Then, to prove what he said was true, Captain Bill produce a picture of a beautiful woman and a baby. It was exactly the same as the picture I carried always of my mother!

With that, Captain Bill and I chased all of the scoundrels off the boat. Then, we sat down to a celebration feast. I was glad to have a family once again!

When I asked my father how he had done so well for himself, he told me that he had found a well-kept secret of buried treasure. My curiosity peaked, I asked him to explain. He showed me that he followed a special treasure map to the "X" and found buried treasure. I was stunned to discover that his treasure map was called a "Savings Plan" and the "X" was the location of the Isabella Community Credit Union. I found out that the "buried" treasure was really called interest or dividends and when I bury [deposit] my gold pieces in the Credit Union, ICCU will add more pieces to them. In fact, the longer I leave them "buried," the more gold pieces I get!

That was many long years ago. Now when I have shipmates, they are no longer scoundrels, but good boys and girls from all over the Isabella County area. I no longer yell "Plunder…Steal…Mutiny," instead, I say "SAVE…DEPOSIT…EARN!"

Won’t you come on board and be my shipmate? All you have to do is join the TREASURE HUNT SAVINGS CLUB™ AT Isabella Community Credit Union.

Welcome Aboard Matey,
Penn E. Pincher

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