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October is National Cyber Security Month
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October is National Cyber Security Month

October is National Cyber Security Month10/4/2016

Don't Become a Victim of a Scam!

There are many different scams circling through email, social media, phone calls, and even "snail" mail that can seem legitimate at first glance. Some instances that ICCU has heard of recently included job offers, romantic relationships, or even helping of a friend who is traveling. Please be on the look out and verify information that you receive using external resources (like your credit union) before sending money or information to anyone that you don't know.

You can help to protect yourself!
Follow these helpful tips:

  • Do not believe the person you are dealing with is who they say or that their story is truthful until it can be verified thoroughly.
    • Professional scammers are often use fake names and information to trick you. Be sure to use even more caution if you have never met the person. The personal information you put on social media can be used by a fraudster to create elaborate stories and situations that seem truthful at first. Do not trust them until you can verify what they say is true.
  • Never share your account numbers, PIN numbers,  online banking credentials, or personal information with anyone.
  • If you believe you are being scammed, contact ICCU as soon as possible!
    • The earlier we are notified about fraud on your account, the faster we can take action to prevent losses to your account.
  • Report any suspicious activity to local law enforcement.

For more resources, visit ICCU's Online Safety & Fraud Center.


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