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FOCUS Newsletter - Fall 2016
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FOCUS Newsletter - Fall 2016

Focus Newsletter - Fall 2016
Authored By: Emily on 10/1/2016

ICCU's SmartLoan... the Smart Choice in New and Pre-owned Vehicle Financing!

How would you like a low payment vehicle loan program that combines the best features of conventional financing along with the benefits of leasing?! Sound too good to be true? ... Well, ICCU  has the vehicle financing answer for you... the SmartLoan!

The SmartLoan gives you the best of both worlds. Like a lease, the SmartLoan offers payments considerably lower than conventional financing on your new or pre-owned vehicle. Yet, unlike leasing, with the SmartLoan you own the vehicle and receive all of the flexibility and benefits of vehicle ownership!

Find out how low your SmartLoan payment could be! Use the SmartLoan Payment Calculator to build your car and compare a conventionally financed vehicle payment with the low SmartLoan payment. For more information, contact a Financial Service Representative.

Note: SmartLoan financing is available on used vehicles up to 5 model years old.

Find out more information on the SmartLoan and other ICCU happenings in the Fall 2016 Newsletter.
Here's some highlights:

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